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Kempo FreeStyle

Kempo FreeStyle is a Japanese martial art whose particularity combines strikes, locks and throws. Kempo FreeStyle’s origin is Shorinji Kempo created by Japanese master Doshin So in 1947 – the first ever mixed martial art(MMA). Focused on the most effective self-defense, this martial art compensates its violence by cooperation between members, thorough practise and genuine reflection on the use of those techniques. The principle aim of Kempo FreeStyle is to develop -through the practice of a martial art– individuals, physically and mentally, so they can contribute to the wellness of society. With a story combining World War Two, a Japanses spy in China (Doshin So) and Shaolin Temples, Shorinji Kempo developed in Europe through Master Mizuno 8th Dan teaching in England. That is where Sensei Bazz, 6th Dan, learnt and trained before moving To Neuchâtel - he has been teaching for 27 years. 


The clubs of Neuchâtel and Lausanne are affiliated to the Swiss Kempo Union and IKA (International Kempo Association), which includes several thousand members throughout 10 countries and expanding.


Kempo Freestyle is taught from age 6 without any upper limit (the elder of the club in Neuchâtel is well in his 8th decades!) or gender restriction. Students of Kempo Freestyle (called "kenshis") practice the basic techniques of self-defence regardless of their level. Then, kenshis are separated according to their rank to practice more and more advanced techniques under the supervision of the Sensei or under the tuition of a more experienced student (sempai). You won't be left on your own!



Bazz Smith

Fort de 35 ans d’entraînement de Shorinji Kempo et en tant qu’élève le plus fidèle de Maître Mizuno – 8ème dan de Shorinji Kempo – « Bazz » a développé son enseignement dans le but de bâtir un système de défense personnelle efficace équilibré par un style de vie sain et un corps sain.

Originaire de Brixton, à Londres, endroit connu pour son instabilité, « Bazz » a développé une capacité particulière à éviter la violence. La philosophie première du Kempo FreeStyle est justement d’éviter le conflit à tout prix.

« Bazz » est parfaitement qualifié pour offrir un entraînement certifié autant en Shorinji Kempo qu’en Kempo FreeStyle avec l’autorisation de Maître Mizuno et de l’Organisation Mondiale du Shorinji Kempo (Doshin So).

Qualifications / curriculum vitae :

• 6 ème Dan de Shorinji Kempo et de Kempo FreeStyle Seikenshi (Seikenshi étant une récompense philosophique)
• Entraînement dans plusieurs arts martiaux
• Cempa FreeStyle • Club de boxe (d’)Aberdeen
• Karaté Shotokan



Kempo FreeStyle


'Bazz' Smith


079 589 97 10

M  Joubert


079 375 07 16

Merci pour votre envoi !

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